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Harvest King Multi-Purpose Automatic Transmission Fluid, Qt.

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  • Excellent low temperature fluidity for good cold-start shifting
  • Resistance to foaming
  • Oxidation and thermal stability for long life
  • Protection against rust, corrosion and wear
  • Compatible with all transmission seal material
Harvest King ATF is manufactured from highly refined base stocks and compounded with modern additive technology for use in older Ford and General Motors vehicles, as well as many foreign vehicles, requiring DEXRON® -III or MERCON® . Recommended for use in 2005 and earlier GM automatic transmissions. Not for use where DEXRON® -VI is required. Recommended for 1981 and later Fords (except those requiring Type F, MERCON® V, MERCON® SP or MERCON® LV). Not for use in Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT) or Dual Clutch Transmissions (DCT). Always check owner’s manual for proper recommendation.
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SKU 36490574
UPC 817037020853
Brand Harvest King
Manufacturer Number HK082