180 Day Estrus 4oz

  • Lasts throughout hunting season
  • Boosts drawing power of mock scrapes from pre-rut through peak rut
  • Triggers dominant behavior in mature bucks
  • 2oz includes 2 wicks, 4oz includes 4 wicks

Attract local bucks and does in your area with Buck Bomb 180 Day Estrus, an all natural estrus blend formula. 180 Day Estrus is effective throughout the entire hunting season, all the way from pre-rut through post-rut. Use 180 Day Estrus in mock scrapes, with the Buck Bomb Detonator retractable scent wick (sold separately) or with the two included spike wicks.

Whitetail natural urine scents also available in Doe ‘N Estrus, Doe “P”, BucRut, Scrape Generator and 2 Hot Does.

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SKU 43540585
UPC 021291710034
Brand Hunter Specialties
Manufacturer Number HS-BB-200054
Manufacturer Warranty  90-Days Limited