Lincoln Electric .030 in. SuperArc L-56 ER70S-6 MIG Welding Wire for Mild Steel (2 lb. Spool)

  • Excellent toe-wetting provides optimal bead appearance
  • Supports short-circuiting, globular, axial spray and pulsed spray transfer
  • Welds in all positions
  • Typical applications include: Sheetmetal to 380-485 MPa (55-70 ksi) yield strength material; automotive repair; robotic or hard automation; structural steel
Lincoln Electric SuperArc 0.030 in. L-56 MIG Welding Wire 2 lb. is copper-coated MIG wire that is great for welding on metals with a medium to high presence of mill scale. It works best on clean, oil-free and rust-free base material. It has high silicon and manganese deoxidizer levels. Shielding gases include argon and carbon dioxide blends, argon and oxygen blends, straight carbon dioxide and 3- or 4-part gas mixes.
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SKU 4950606
UPC 015082514468
Brand Lincoln Electric
Manufacturer Number ED030631
Manufacturer Warranty 90 Day