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JW Pet Cataction Spring String Cat Toy

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  • Infused with Catnip
  • Made with different textured materials that cats love
  • Perfectly sized for your cat to pick up and bat around
  • Great for Solo play
The JW Pet Cataction Spring String Cat Toy is a bouncing action toy that will stimulate your cat's feline instincts to pounce and play. This unique design allows the Spring String to attach to any style of the doorknob; transforming your door into a fun; interactive toy in seconds! A furry; feathered mouse dangles irresistibly on a bungee cord from the doorknob attachment at the perfect height to entice curious cats. Provide hours of interactive playtime with your feline friend and helps to keep your cat occupied and prevent bad habits like destroying furniture. Great for helping your cat channel their natural hunting and pouncing instincts. Made from non-toxic durable materials.
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Brand JW
Manufacturer Number 0471045