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Sea Foam Spray SS14, 14 oz

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  • Safely removes intake valve and chamber deposits
  • Apply through gas fuel-injection throttle body or carburetor throat
  • Critical for Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) engines where fuel cleaners can’t reach
  • Lubricates throttle plates, bushings and upper cylinders
  • Use to protect intake and cylinder areas during storage
  • Safe for coated parts and oxygen sensors
Use Sea Foam Spray to safely clean and lubricate critical upper engine areas where fuel cleaners can't reach. Unlike tank additives, Sea Foam Spray works through a gas engine’s upper air intake to dissolve harmful deposits and residue buildup from intake runners, intake valves, and combustion chamber areas. Help your engine run cleaner and last longer!
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SKU 80591160
UPC 018812000071
Brand Sea Foam
Manufacturer Number SS14