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WD-40 Multi-Use Product, 1 Gal.

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  • Buying in bulk is economical. Lubricates moving parts such as hinges, wheels, pulleys, rollers, chains, and gears
  • This size is ideal for soaking and dipping. Frees sticky mechanisms, loosens rust-to-metal bonds and helps release stuck, frozen or rusted metal parts
  • More product allows for heavy-duty usage. Acts as a corrosion inhibitor to shield against moisture and other corrosive elements to prevent rust
  • Removes grease, grime, gunk, gum, tar, sap, super glue, sticker residue, and other sticky stuff from multiple surfaces
WD-40 Multi-Use Product in gallons and drums is ideal for soaking, refilling and providing versatility for heavy use jobs.
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SKU 9090024
UPC 079567490111
Brand WD-40
Manufacturer Number 490118