Solar Fence Energizer S20

  • Clean Fence: 12 miles / 40 acres - Typical Fence: 2 miles / 14 acres
  • Built-in solar panel charges battery for consistent, reliable fence performance
  • Operates up to 3 weeks without sunlight!
  • 360-degree mounting on t-post for correct orientation toward the sun
  • Battery indicator light, so you know if you have a good charge
  • High-impact, UV-resistant case for weatherproof, rust-proof and insect-proof outdoor use
  • Maintenance-free rechargeable battery included
  • Large terminals enable correct grounding for best energizer performance
  • 3-year warranty
The S20 portable solar energizer powers up to 12 miles / 40 acres of single wire fence with no vegetation and boasts several solar technology improvements that make it ideal for temporary grazing applications, livestock and pet containment.
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SKU 95571049
UPC 644493341426
Brand Gallagher
Manufacturer Number G341424