Fence Energizer M560

  • Clean Fence: 75 miles / 400 acres - Typical Fence: 23 miles / 130 acres
  • 5.6 Joules of stored energy
  • Gallagher trusted reliability - Extensive testing and industry leading manufacturing processes provide exceptional reliability under harsh ranching and farming conditions
  • Easy to use and install with simple fence terminals and hassle-free mounting
  • Check power at a glance with the power-on indicator
  • Ideally suited for small to medium pastures
  • 3-year warranty
Robust and reliable, Gallagher's M560 is made to last with a tough outer casing, built-in lightning diverter and the latest internal circuitry. Compliant with latest UL Standards guarantees safety and reliability.
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SKU 95571078
UPC 6444493323514
Brand Gallagher
Manufacturer Number G323514