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Big Sexy

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  • Premier cold season food plot
  • Special varieties of turnip, radish, kale and forage rapeseed

The premier cold season food plot, Big Sexy™ provides the protein and energy necessary to attract deer all fall and winter while providing the leafy and bulb producing forage to handle heavy graze pressure. The special varieties of turnip, radish, kale and forage rape were chosen for their attractiveness, hardiness, cold tolerance and high levels of nutrition. If you're looking for the ideal hunt plot to produce results from the first day of season until the last - Big Sexy™ is your answer!! Due to the high levels of protein in the leaves, you can expect deer to be attracted to your Big Sexy™ plot from 2 weeks after germination until it's gone - Big Sexy™ should be a deer magnet from the 1st day of season until the last.

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